Nov 28

Open Studio Hours for Martha + Reisha

As Reisha + Martha prepare for our inaugural show for Art Basel with Spectrum in Miami, they will be holding open studio hours for the next 2 months.  Art lovers, artists, and collectors who would like to get a preview of the latest work, may schedule studio visits during the week and weekends.  Please contact us via web or email galleryna19@gmail.com to set up an appointment. 

Reisha in studio

Reisha in studio

a few of Martha's current works in progress

a few of Martha's current works in progress

Feminine Identity
Oct 7

Feminine Identity

  • Galleryna19

Katrice Buckley finds herself on a journey to rediscover empowerment and self-identity amongst African American women and their beauty. Katrice’s primary goal is for women to feel a sense of empowerment when looking at her pieces.  She wants her audience to be able to feel the emotions in the facial expressions of the paintings, and to realize African American women all share an unmatched beauty. Katrice also desires to bring her male viewers to a place of renewed appreciation and respect for African-American women. 

Katrice’s inspiration derives from her own self-acceptance as an African-American woman. She notes that she has endured many changes in her life- one that have helped her evolve into the woman you see today. She hopes that her work will prompt beauty and self-love among black women everywhere. 

Feminine Identity:  Solo Exhibition by Katrice Buckley
Opening Reception
Friday, September 23, 2016
6:00 - 10:00pm

19 Harrison Street
Oak Park IL 60304

Sep 3

Anonymous: Solo Exhibition by Lindsey Bates

"Art is a form of expression learned through the years of this existence. 
Art has a way of closing the distance between the heart and the mind. 
Art helps in finding a healing of the mind with every stroke of the heart. 
Art isn’t just by us it is about us as well."  
- Lindsey E. Bates

Solo Exhibition of Lindsey E. Bates

Friday, August 19, 2016
6:00pm - 10:00pm

Lindsey E. Bates is a Chicago artist who has expressed himself through the tip of a pencil, pen, brush, or rock since he could hold them in his hand. Always drawn to various forms of art, whether it would be a comic book or 3D computer animation. Lindsey honed his gift at Streamwood High’s Academy of Art later earning a BFA in Media Arts & Animation from The Illinois Institute of Art at Chicago.  His fine art has been purchased in Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Iowa, and Los Angeles.

6:00 pm18:00

A MESSAGE FROM THE ANCESTORS: Solo Exhibition by Marlene Campbell

Marlene Campbell, also known as Marlene C. and Frances Guichard, born in Chicago, IL., and a self-taught artist, her creativity has been unleashed by her experience in the art world and close relationships with artists from around the world, primarily her husband, who is a notable international artist. 

As an emerging artist, she has been painting since 2004. Marlene loves the use of color and texture in her work and uses the beauty and vibrancy that surrounds her to create her work.  She is inspired by life and the beauty God created.

Marlene C. is has shown her works during the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage, 57th Street Art Fair in Chicago, IL., Chicago Jazz Festival, and Gallery Guichard in Chicago, IL. 

19 Harrison Street
Oak Park IL 60304

6:00 pm18:00

HEMME FATALE: Solo Art Exhibition by Reisha

Hemme Fatale

An observation of the changing nature of masculinity.  Recent decades have unleashed parts of the male that have been bound by societal expectations for their behavior.  The issue of the male identity is of crucial importance.  Many boundaries of a gendered world built around work and family -- production versus reproduction, hard vs. soft -- have been blurred.

The images that have formed through this exploration are masculine but blurred with textures, prints and colors that in the past have been reserved for femininity to highlight the ever changing role of man in modern society. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016
6:00pm - 10:00pm
William Hill Gallery
6442 S. Dorchester, Chicago IL

Jun 18

Martha to Exhibit at HFAS - Atlanta


Harlem Fine Arts Show - Atlanta

National Center for Civil and Human Rights
100 Ivan Allen Jr Boulevard NW
Atlanta GA 30313

Wednesday June 15th (Opening Night)      
Event hosted by Emerging 100 Black Men (6pm-9pm)

Thursday June 16th
Open to the Public (10am- 5pm)
Event hosted by  Bronze Film Festival & Peachtree Street Project (6pm-9pm)

Friday June 17th
Open to the Public (10am- 5pm)
Private Event (6pm-9pm)

Saturday June 18th
Open to the Public (10am- 5pm)
Fundraiser (6pm-9pm)

May 21

G!9 After Dark Art Series

Featuring the work of AllUsWe Art Collective.

The G!9 After Dark Art Series is a brand new creative concept that introduces new, emerging, or established artists in an intimate space, that compels both the attending visitors and involved artists to interact socially and creatively.  Filled with live paintings, selected music, and complimentary appetizers, this event is designed to stimulate new creative ideas and connect both the trendy and traditional generations in a colorful, vibrant and hip space.

Celebrating the 2nd year in business, Galleryna19 (G!9) is a trendy boutique art gallery that sits along the Oak Park Art District, which spans nine blocks along Harrison Street.  This stylishly minimalist gallery exhibits emerging, mid-career and established artists creating contemporary works of paper, painting, mixed media, and fine art photography.

Cover: $9.00 || @galleryna19 || @melloedrama