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A MESSAGE FROM THE ANCESTORS: Solo Exhibition by Marlene Campbell

Marlene Campbell, also known as Marlene C. and Frances Guichard, born in Chicago, IL., and a self-taught artist, her creativity has been unleashed by her experience in the art world and close relationships with artists from around the world, primarily her husband, who is a notable international artist. 

As an emerging artist, she has been painting since 2004. Marlene loves the use of color and texture in her work and uses the beauty and vibrancy that surrounds her to create her work.  She is inspired by life and the beauty God created.

Marlene C. is has shown her works during the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage, 57th Street Art Fair in Chicago, IL., Chicago Jazz Festival, and Gallery Guichard in Chicago, IL. 

19 Harrison Street
Oak Park IL 60304