"Made of Stardust" coming September 19 at Galleryna19

Galleryna19 is pleased to present "Made of Stardust" the debut solo show from artist Martha A. Wade.  The art exhibition will explore the meaning of self and achieving our human potential.


Martha A. Wade is a self taught artist from Chicago.  The daughter of an artist, she has always carried a deep passion for art making.  Martha would watch her father paint from a young age, and longed for a canvas of her own.  She began to teach herself drawing by pausing cartoons on video and copying the image.  Today her paintings have a bold, vibrant style that explore mankind's potential on earth and throughout the universe.

Once fearful of the "starving artist" stereotype, Wade chose to attain her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan rather than fine art in 2000.  After years of working in the financial services industry, her creative spark could no longer be squelched.  Martha had no choice but to make a change and go back to school in the arts.  She received her Masters of Art Management from Columbia College Chicago in 2008, where she learned the graphic design, web production, and video skills needed to begin her artistic career on her own.  Martha built her own website, and started posting images of her work. The love Wade's art received online through social media gave her the courage to show more work, and devote her life to painting nearly 5 years ago.

Wade creates one of a kind, original artwork that is full of color and speaks to the heart.  Her painting style utilizes blended brush strokes to create a sense of movement in each piece of art.  Martha Wade's work often comes from her dreams, brought to life in oil and acrylic on canvas or wood.

In Martha Wade's latest series "Made of Stardust" she presents a visual narrative of what people can achieve at their highest potential.  Through art, Wade tells a story about humans made of stardust, seeking to uplift our spirit by juxtaposing famous and everyday people together on common ground.

"Everyone has heroes and heathens in their life, and most of us are both.  If you look closely into our eyes, you can see the same cluster of stars and particles as deep in the sky.  People are capable of great things if they only realize we are made of the same stuff of stars.  I hope that art lovers will connect with my work and feel inspired.  The purpose of my artwork is to share love and light through creativity, as a way of genuinely engaging with the world as a real contributor."    ---- Martha A. Wade