Steve Hokanson is the personification of a contemporary renaissance man. An MFA, sculptor, wood craftsman, metalworker, museum preparator and art historian all in one. Not to mention builder, avid reader, remodeler, installer and mechanic. 

Opening Reception
Friday, August 21, 2016
6P - 9PM

On View Through
September 13, 2015

Whereas today’s world suggests 10,000 hours we begin mastery of our talents, Steve is logging towards 40k. A quiet zen master who picks up on subtle, hidden clues between the lines, Steve is a guardian of truth, beauty and a time-honored mastery of craftsmanship. He not only values quality works when he see it, but admires the creative genius it took to accomplish it. Their is no room for mass-consumption, disposable, commerce here. Observe his love of music to quickly see how he bridges a thorough appreciation of the craftsmanship found in a vintage blues guitar. Now apply that level of depth in his daily life. 

It is easy to consider so much more when admiring his art. The work is infused with a lifetime of toil and wisdom.  A native of Three Oaks, Michigan, Steve has one foot firmly planted in Chicago as an earlier chapter of his artist career was spent in his metal shop on West Hubbard when off duty working at The Museum of Contemporary Art. 

Throughout his career he has been the recipient of fellowships, scholarships, residencies, solo exhibits, commissions, large scale public installations, inclusion in private collections, honors and reviews.  After a decade plus for family time, Steve is back working on his art with a renewed perspective, depth and breadth.