Martha Featured on Windy City LIVE!

Martha's painting Zora the Conquerer was featured on Windy City Live this month.

For the second year in a row, the Harlem Fine Arts Show has come to Chicago. More than 70 African American artists from across the country and the world come to town for this show and sale.

You can find pieces from high-end collectors to modestly-priced new artists. They range from paintings to sculpture to jewelry. There's something for everyone.

This year, 30 of the artists at the Chicago show are local. The Harlem Fine Arts Show comes at the end of Chicago Artists Month.

Founder Dion Clarke brought a range of pieces to Windy City LIVE on Wednesday to show the scope of this year's show.

There is more than just art. A gala reception, a Halloween party, steppers and Sunday gospel music are all on the agenda as well.

Martha Wade, a painter, was instrumental in gathering the local artists for this show.

View Windy City LIVE segment HERE.

REISHA + MARTHA: The Collaboration of Sexy

Opening Reception
Friday - May 22, 2014
6:00pm - 10:00pm

The Collaboration of Sexy
Works by Martha A. Wade and Reisha

Featuring 5x8 feet collaborative paintings on canvas by two dynamic artists, and self-proclaimed "sexy" women.  In this new body of work, Reisha and Martha push "sexy" beyond traditional stereotypes to encompass a new meaning - powerful, passionate, emotional, and intelligent. 

The work is a vivid journey through power and beauty that represents a visual dictation of their collaborative sense of the world today - and the potential for tomorrow. 

An irreverent spin on sexuality, exploitation, and the right to be more than what meets the eye.  The works stems from the artists' desire to contrast societal beauty standards and sexuality with a familiar character viewed by many as comical and even intimidating.