Pearlie Taylor
Acrylic on Canvas and Paper
Orland Park, IL

A resident of Orland Park, IL Pearlie’s earliest memories of involvement with art includes selling drawings on notebook paper for five cents to classmates in the third grade. As a young adult she spent many years “dabbling” in watercolor, oils, charcoal, etc, always too busy to finish a painting.

Pearlie was widowed in 2002 after twenty-five years of marriage. That life changing experience made her take stock of her own mortality and two years later she decided to simplify her life to pursue her artistic ambitions. She sold a successful UPS Store franchise, a large home and moved into a condo. The freedom of mind and body lifted the pressure of just trying to finish a painting before her busy day kicked in.

Pearlie’s artwork is generally a mixture of abstract, modern and realism. Her influences range from Jackson Pollack, Richard Dempsey to Dale Chiluly. In her abstracts she uses color to make sense of things and emotions while at the same time creating a composition that shows purpose, revelation and energy. Her goal as an artist is to create paintings which are interesting, provocative, and beautiful, without the appearance of deliberation, intent, or rational thought. She believes the use of color can affect a conscious and positive change in individuals, creating a “subliminal communication."

Pearlie is the recipient of the African American Alliance of the Arts Award for Excellence in Abstract Art. In 2008 her paintings were recognized with a third place award by The Museum of Science and Industry Black Creativity Exhibition. Her work is in collections around the country and has been published in Brides Noir Bridal Magazine (2007), Chicago GRO and Better Homes and Gardens Magazine (2006).