RT Morgan
New York, NY

Acrylic on Canvas (Framed)
by RT Morgan

Rory Tequan Morgan was born and raised in New York.  From his vivid sense of community from childhood ongoing to the present, he has always been able to draw upon his environment and family to inspire him.  His ability to transform his conceptions and generate what he envisions on his medium of choice into physical creations, embodies what an artist is. 

He has studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and at Briarcliffe College in Long Island, New York and with a combination of perseverance towards a dream, personal influences, talent, and skill, each piece defines moments in his life he shares with you through his works of art.

In October of 2013, Rory had his first solo show at Roosevelt Hospital in New York City but since 2007, RT Morgan’s art has been repeatedly displayed at New Orleans’ Jazz Festival, The Jacob Javitz’ Center Art Expo, Art Basel, Newport’s Jazz Festival, and with the Harlem’s Fine Art Show.

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